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The Yogini Arts

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Sarvamangala Foundation is committed to sharing very effective ancient meditation practices that help your mind relax, understand your true nature and cultivate compassion and kindness.

We are a charitable effort dedicated to helping people from all backgrounds improve the quality of their mind, increase well-being and clarity through ancient meditative practices, and integrate all experiences of life into a compassionate, crystal-like awareness of sky-like vastness.  

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Bharatanatyam with Tripurasundari

Tripurasundari Ji is a Bharatanatyam classical dancer, who is trained at the highest possible level in India. Bharatanatyam is a major form of Indian classical dance that is indigenous to Tamil Nadu and is the oldest classical dance tradition in India.

If you would like to take Bharatanatyam lessons from Tripurasundari Ji, please click the button below to enquire. 

Vimarsha and Maitri in Gujarati with Aruna Ji

Aruna Bhaskerkumar Prajapati works in the field of healthcare, ensuring the top-quality standards of healthcare products distributed all across the United Kingdom. She holds a Masters' Degree in Commerce with a specialisation in Cost Accounting. 

She conducts Gujarati online meditation sessions on Awareness or Vimarśa, and Loving Kindness or Maitrī, to small groups. Upon request, she also offers meditation instructions in Hindi.

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