About Sarvamangala Foundation

The Sarvamangala Maṇḍala or “All-Auspicious Circle“ is committed to teaching and sharing ancient meditative practices that help improve mental clarity, absolute awareness and unconditional compassion.

Sarvamangala means “All-Auspicious”, “Auspicious from All Angles”, “Good on All Sides”, “All-Round Happiness”, “Beneficial on All Sides, “Universal Benefit”.

The purpose of Sarvamangala is to offer a platform to students across the world to discover the nature of their own awareness and allow their innate kindness to flourish. To this end, Sarvamangala offers various online resources, online sessions, seminars, workshops, and retreats in the English countryside, Switzerland and Austria (in the post-Covid future, also in the sacred land of India).


Meditation is the art of closely witnessing the sensations of the body, the emotions, the mind and the mind's experiences and states.

When we gently witness a state without rejecting or holding on to it, it begins to dissolve. Rigid patterns begin to melt. By consciously giving rise to unconditional compassion for others, our being begins to be permeated by a stream of bliss. What flows from this is an intuitive spontaneity.

In the instantaneous power of the present moment, we discover our innate compassion, the source of our ability to benefit others.


To use the precious time we have in our human embodiment to experience the true nature of conscious being and cultivate boundless compassion and kindness. The true nature of awareness is like the sky.

To know its nature is to be like an eagle soaring in the sky. But the true nature of compassion is like the earth. To know its nature is to be firmly grounded with both feet, helping others wherever possible.

What We Do

We offer free online and offline awareness meditation retreats, sessions on compassion meditation, Sanskrit classes, personal one-to-one guidance for life and contentment, and many more beautiful services related to the liberative potential in all beings.

We bring together like-minded beings who are seeking peace, emotional clarity, sweetness, kindness and simply all-round goodness.

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Our team

Hima Bindu Rebelly

President, Sarvamangala Foundation

Hima is a dedicated, resourceful and goal-driven educator with a solid commitment to the areas of learning and development.

By nature, Hima is a mother full of compassion for all beings. Her special field of expertise is child development. Her innate understanding of human psychology and the complexity of emotions allows her to work in close partnership with parents to implement and manage effective parent-liaison programmes.

She has received numerous certifications and awards in the fields of learning and development, such as the Inspirational and Compassionate Performer Award. She was awarded the Early Years Professional Status (EYPS) from Kingston University, in 2010 by the Children’s Workforce Development Council-CWDC, UK. She also has extensive experience as a supply teacher for Children with Special Needs. She holds a Bachelor of Science (BSc) from Osmania University, Hyderabad, India.

Hima teaches meditation for children, young adults and parents. By way of creative playful engagement, she helps children and youth to become aware of their five senses and emotions. This awareness then allows the natural compassion and joy innate in children to flourish and blossom the way Mother Nature intended it.


As the President of Sarvamangala, Hima ensures that all activities run seamlessly and smoothly for the benefit of others. She is currently developing a Sarvamangala Meditation Programme for Children, where children and youth of all ages will be able to participate along with their parents in free online and offline classes on awareness and compassion meditation.

Aruna Bhaskerkumar Prajapati

Meditation Teacher, Gujarati & Hindi

Aruna Bhaskerkumar Prajapati works in the field of healthcare, ensuring the top-quality standards of healthcare products distributed all across the United Kingdom. She holds a Masters' Degree in Commerce with a specialisation in Cost Accounting. She conducts Gujarati online meditation sessions on Awareness or Vimarśa, and Loving Kindness or Maitrī. Upon request, she also offers meditation instructions in Hindi.

Aruna is a long-term meditator and sādhikā, a spiritual practitioner.

Milan Amin

Chief Coordinator

Milan is a versatile personality who, from a young age, has had an interest in spirituality, philosophy of mind and how to deal with emotions compassionately and wisely.


He previously founded a company to help brands and influencers develop their social following. He started his career as an investment banker dealing with highly-complex equity derivative trades and serving PE organisations that were run by some of the most successful entrepreneurs in the United Kingdom.


He currently runs the Marketing Division of EBO, an Artificial Intelligence Consultancy that creates AI solutions for the world’s biggest Finance, Insurance and Healthcare organisations such as the NHS. Milan holds a BA in Economics.

Jaimin Shukla


(Dr.) Jaimin Shukla holds a BEng and MSc in Mechanical Engineering and is about to be awarded his PhD (August 2020) in the field of Renewable Energy from the prestigious University College of London (UCL). He previously worked together with Milan on creating various social media platforms and bringing entrepreneurial ideas to blossom.


One of his dream-projects even as a youth was to “live on an island where there is no time”. In some sense, Sarvamangala is this dream come true: In the deepest states of awareness meditation infused by compassion, time is absent. The mind rests in the space of luminous awareness as if dwelling upon an island unshaken by the storms of self-centred emotions and mental states, manifesting only as a fresh-water spring of kindness.

Previously, Jaimin ran a successful podcast interviewing CEOs, New York Times bestselling authors and leading personalities who shared stories, strategies and secrets about their understanding of life.

Currently, he is working as the Head of Growth for a rapidly growing SaaS platform called AcademicLabs that connects academic experts from around the world to businesses to help them benefit from the latest data driven insights curated through publications, patents, research groups, and clinical trials. The aim is to help progress scientific research across the world and streamline the flow of knowledge.

Jaimin is the son of Sri Chandrakant Shukla, the founder of the Datta Sahaja Yoga Mission UK, who is a disciple of HH Sri Punitachari Ji.

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