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It is our privilege to serve you in whichever way we can. Below please find the range of services and sessions we offer. If you have any suggestions for new services, or if you would like to contribute with providing a compassion or awareness-related service you are an expert in, please feel free to let us know.


Our retreats in the beautiful  English countryside and the scenic Swiss Alps bring together like-minded people to learn ancient methods of awareness and compassion meditation. Our next retreat will be held online due to Covid19.

Meditation Retreats

Our retreats in the UK take place in the beautiful English countryside at Loughborough, where our dear friends Marc and Anne of Nanpatan Hall take care of an amazing venue.

Swiss Retreats

Those who are ready for an adventure and to go to Switzerland can enjoy a beautiful journey to the scenic Swiss (and Austrian) Alps. The Swiss retreats are usually not longer than 3-4 days.



The purpose of our retreats is to bring together like-minded people to learn the following ancient methods: ​

Maitrī meditation on loving kindness

Maitrī or loving kindness means to cultivate the meditative wish: 

“May you be truly happy, may you be at ease
May I be truly happy, may I be at ease.”


This meditative state is cultivated and directed at people whom one loves, people whom one is neutral towards and people with whom there is some tension or enmity. In a next step, Maitrī is directed at oneself, one’s own inner ‘good’ qualities, ‘neutral’ qualities and ‘negative’ qualities — without judging them — and by wishing oneself to be truly happy and at ease. 

Maitrī meditation is cultivated till all bonds of enmity or dislike dissolve and only loving kindness remains. It is a highly liberating and effective practice.

Vimarśa awareness

Vimarśa is a synonym of awareness meditation or mindfulness contemplation and literally means to ‘gently touch (mentally)’; more specifically it means:

‘to gently (viśeṣeṇa) touch or identify (mṛśati) physical, emotional and mental states by keenly observing and understanding them’.

It is the art of living in the present moment. This skill needs to be learnt properly and in a retreat format. The results of Vimarśa practice become visible after just a few weeks of practice. One becomes more vividly aware, serene, clear-minded and insightful about oneself and others. It can be cultivated by anyone who engages in daily practice of a minimum of twelve and a maximum of 48 minutes.

Vimarśa frees us from all blockages, fears and worries. It unveils the joy of living and brings out the true nondual nature innate to our being – the true Vimarśa: a peace that is as vast as space itself.

Karunā meditation on compassion

Karuṇā or sympathetic compassion means to cultivate the meditative wish:

“May you be free from suffering and the causes of suffering
May I be free from suffering and the causes of suffering.” 

It is directed at others and at oneself. Karuṇā meditation increases the capacity to empathise and bond with others, generating strong and auspicious connections with others. 

Mudita meditation on joyful appreciation

Muditā or joyful appreciation means to cultivate a deep appreciation of the virtues, talents and auspicious qualities of others:

“I delight and rejoice in your superb qualities, talents and happiness”

For example, one concentrates on the Buddha, an accomplished meditator (Siddha), or someone with the utmost noble qualities (Bhagavān) – one then consciously appreciates their boundless wisdom and compassion and concentrates on their qualities. One thinks of an ordinary person whom one admires and meditates on their qualities; then one meditates on the potential for inner peace and kindness even in one’s enemies or detractors. Finally, one then looks at the potential auspicious qualities within oneself, the potential for enlightenment, and cultivates serene joyful appreciation for that.

UpekṢa meditation - equanimity 

Upekṣā, also known as Madhyasthajñāna meditation, means to cultivate an inner state that looks beyond any faults in others, a perspective that has no preference for one group against another group, for one quality vis-à-vis another quality — unbiased equality towards oneself, one’s own states, towards others and their states:

“I look beyond all faults into your true nature and potential.” 

Upekṣā allows us to become more and more objective and clear about our own states of mind and to look beyond the faults in others and connect with their potential enlightened nature and thus with our own enlightened nature.

Mahākarunā meditation on 
unconditional compassion

Mahākaruṇā means ‘Great Compassion’. It is a meditation on a very specific view: The view that when we attain enlightenment, we have the possibility of helping others forever. Thus, Mahākaruṇā is unconditional compassion across time and space:


“As long as space remains and as long as a world exists, may I, too remain to dispel the misery of others.”

Mahākaruṇā meditation dispels all self-grasping or self-centredness from our hearts and allows us to soar into a blissful state instantly and spontaneously. The bliss we experience in this state then becomes the energy whereby we can help to alleviate the pain of others with whom we are connected.

Utkrānti meditation: 
how to die peacefully & with joy

In this meditation practice, we prepare ourselves for the process of our own death. Death is but a new journey. However, it can be quite terrifying to die, since it is a transition into something unknown.

To a well-trained mind, death is but the next great adventure.

The practice of Utkrānti prepares our consciousness for its separation from the physical body.

Someone well-trained in Utkrānti will die peacefully and with a joyful smile on their face, being able to let go completely.

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Online Classes

Online free sanskrit classes

Sanskrit helps to refine your mind and heart. Join our free online classes twice a month. We teach in a way that is easy, fun and inspiring. 


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Monthly Meditation

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These are the retreats we currently offer.

More retreats are in the making.

These will include:

  • Experiencing Music & Art with Awareness

  • Experiencing Sensuality & Love with Awareness

  • Experiencing Ancient Indian Dance & Performance Arts with Awareness

  • Experiencing All of Life's Challenges with Awareness & Ease

  • Experiencing Yoga & Movement with Awareness

  • Dream-Yoga: How to Enter the Dreamworld Lucidly and with Awareness

  • Preparing & Experiencing Healthy Food with Awareness

  • Integrating Science & Rational Thought through the Magic of Awareness

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