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Meditation helps to understand the mind, calm our emotions and rest in compassionate wisdom.

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Sarvamangala Foundation is committed to sharing very effective ancient meditation practices that help your mind relax, understand your true nature and cultivate compassion and kindness.

We are a charitable effort dedicated to helping people from all backgrounds improve the quality of their mind, increase well-being and clarity through ancient meditative practices, and integrate all experiences of life into a compassionate, crystal-like awareness of sky-like vastness.  

Welcome to Sarvamangala Foundation


Online Free Sanskrit Classes

Sanskrit helps to refine your mind and heart. Join our free online classes twice a month. We teach in a way that is easy, fun and inspiring. 


Precious free resources to help you learn meditation and how to cultivate compassion for all beings, including yours.


Our retreats in the beautiful  English countryside and the scenic Swiss Alps bring together like-minded people to learn ancient methods of awareness and compassion meditation. Our next retreat will be held online due to Covid19.

Free Online Meditation

Learn how to observe your body, your emotions, your thoughts and mental states with ease. You can join for free from anywhere in the world.

Our Events

No upcoming events at the moment

More About Our Retreats 

Due to the aftereffects of Covid19, we are now offering online retreats as well. We believe retreats are an essential part of practice in order to help create a conducive environment where you can fully engage in learning and accomplishing ancient but highly effective techniques of meditation without distraction.

Our in-person retreats are held at the beautifully scenic mansion Nanpantan Hall in Loughborough, and also among the panoramic mountains of Switzerland and Austria for those who are ready for an adventure.

Our retreats are appreciated by people from all backgrounds who come together for a few days to enjoy practice, meet like-minded individuals, have great food, ask life-changing questions and return home with bliss, compassion and a completely fresh mind.

We also host free online retreats and monthly practice sessions. The practice sessions are much shorter, usually lasting only 45 minutes. Anyone from anywhere in the world can learn and practise meditation and tangibly benefit within weeks of learning the techniques. We kindly request students to pay close attention and actually learn the techniques properly, then practise well and delve into the depths of meditation directly.

Supporting Us

Sarvamangala Foundation is not-for-profit.

We are grateful for any service in-kind, donations and constructive suggestions you may wish to contribute. All proceeds go directly towards activities to spread compassion, awareness and the joy of living.

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